PARTNERS / Artist / Valerie Honnart

Valerie Honnart



11/11/1966, France Paris


Engraving, Instituto Belle Arti Roma, Italy, 2003-05
Afresco, painting restauration, Linearius Rome, Italy, 1999-2001
Traditional Chinese Painting, HK University Shatin, 1997-1999


China :
Shanghai : Philippe Staib gallery, 2012,
Shanghai Art Fair 2012,
Elisabeth de Brabant gallery 2011

France :
Galerie Septentrion Lille 2011,
Galerie Wagner 2012,
Lille art fair 2010 & 2009 ,
NacLill 2010

Belgium :
Galerie du chateau 2013, 2011,
Lineart Fair Gand 2008 and 2009

Italy :
B gallery Rome 2010 & 2009,
Scopello Sicily 2009,
Cetona Tuscany 2007,
La XII Casa Galleria Massenzio, Roma, Italy, 2005


Philipe Staib Gallery, Shanghai, China.
Galerie du chateau, Estaimbourg, Belgium
Galerie Septentrion, Lille, France
Galerie Wagner, Lille, France

About the Artist

The Art of Valerie Honnart can only be understood from the perspective of cross cultural influences combining her home country with China and Italy where she lived. From China she remains fascinated by landscapes, martial arts, life energy control through breathing. She combines the use of inks and pigments in a sophisticated process similar to the creation of an opera.
Italian influences is revealed by Valerie through the sensuality of bodies in motion illuminated and irradiated by light. As a consequence she paints bodies as she would create a landscape. Her inspiration is the result of those cross-cultural influences. She graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris and obtained a Master of Communication at the ESCP in Paris. She lives now in Beijing.