PARTNERS / Artist / Meng Yangyang

Meng Yangyang



01/01/1983, Chongqing, China


2006 Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
2009 Graduated from a Master in Oil Paintings from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute


Group Exhibition
2013 Art Macao, BM-art,Macao
2012 60s,70s,80s: Reflection, SHINE ART Space, Shanghai
2012 SH Contemporary 2012, SHINE ART Space, Shanghai
2012 Art For The People, SHINE ART Space, Shanghai
2012 ArtBeijing, SHINE ART Space, Shanghai
2011 My Shining Hour SHINE ART Space, Beijing
2011 SH Contemporary 2011 SHINE ART Space, Shanghai
2011 ArtBeijing, SHINE ART Space, Shanghai
2009 Luo Zhongli Scholarship Artworks Exhibition, Chongqing, China
2009 “Devouring Radiance” Ma Qiong & Meng Yangyang Double

Solo Exhibitions:
2009 China International Gallery Exposition 2009, Arario Beijing
2008 SH Contemporary 2008, Doart Beijing, Shanghai
2007 Images of Fantasy, Olyvia Oriental Ltd, London
2007 The Palm Beach International Design Expo, Palm Beach
2007 Painting Exhibitions of Graffiti, Sichuan, China
2006 Working on the Street - Eleven Artists Group Exhibition, Chongqing, China
2006 Luo Zhongli Scholarship Artworks Exhibition, Chongqing
2006 Asian Art Week, London
2005 Special Exhibition for Emerging Artists, The 2nd Chengdu biennale, Chengdu, China
2004 99 - 04 Art Work Achievement Exhibiton, Sichuan
2004 Academy Fine Arts College, Chengdu, China


2012 Searching for the light,Nou Gallery, Taipei
2012 Anámnēsis Mizuma & One Gallery, Beijing
2011 Youth, Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing
2010 Meng Yangyang, Gallery J.CHEN, Taiwan
2009 “Portrait of the youth”, J & Z Gallery, Shenzhen
2009 ArtBeiJing,Chen Lin Hui Contemporary Space, Beijing
2009 “Telling Stories”, Mizuma & One Gallery, Beijing
2009 Mixed Motivity: Emerging Artists, Osage Gallery, Shanghai
2009 “Bloom” Madhouse Contemporary Gallery, Hongkong
2008 Beyond Portrait, Gallery J.Chen, Taiwan
2007 Images of Fantasy,Olyvia Oriental Ltd., London
2007 Simply- Hearted Blackness, Gallery J.CHEN, Taiwan

About the Artist

“To break the limits of minds and consciousness, Meng Yangyang uses extremely direct and simple expression mingled with her subconsciousness.” Zhong Biao
“The paintings of Meng Yangyang represent her earthly arguments closely to her age and personal emotions, without letting the frustration created by the consumption society disturbing her inspiration. However, her paintings are still full her naivety, absurdness, sensitiveness and even sophistication provoking an inner indomitable uproar to the spectator. Meng Yangyang acts like a self-hypnosis in the adult world. ” Zheng Naiming
“I'm the director of my own works, like Karwai Wong, drafting the story, selecting the actors and then writing the script and polishing the details, not the other way around.”—Self statement