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Badiger Devendra.M



06/01/1954, India, Balaganur. Vijaypur Dist


*M.V.A (Painting) Kannada Univ Hampi; *B.F.A-Karna Univ Dharwad; *AM, GD- Vijaya Kalamandira,Gadag.


Solo Exhibitions: 2012-*The Art Entrence, Mumbai;
1996-*Vishwakarma Youth Society, Navanagar, Hubli.
1984-*Kalabhavan, Dharwad.
1989-*C.C.R.T. New Delhi.
1988-*C.C.R.T. New Delhi.
1976 *CastleRock(U.K) Group Exhibition: 2015-*Journey-6, Birla Academy of Finearts , Kolkota.
2013-*Rhythm. Sponsored show by Swsti Gallery, Bangalore;
2012-*All India Photography Exhibition, Mantralaym (AP)
“ *Strocks of Karnataka,Chitrkala Parisht,Bangalore.
2012-*Kala Academy Panjim, Goa;
2011-*AIFACS. Rafi Marg, New Delhi.
“ *Annual Art Exhib Artholic Art Gallery, New Delhi.
“ *“Vishva Kannada Sahitya Sammelan , KLKA’s Art Exhib, Belgaum.
“ *Megha Art Show Chitrkala Parisht,Bangalore.
“ *Different Strocks,Vincnt Gallery,Bangalore .
2010 *Kala Ghoda Navy Art Gallery, Mumbai .
“ *“Recente Perspectives” Chitrakala Parishat Bangalore.
2009-*“Vedaganga”, AlliancesFranchie,New Delhi.
“ *“Latitude- Centre for Performing Arts, Al Kuver, Masqut,Oman.
“ *“Reminiscences Present in Past” CKP,Bangalore.
“ *“Reminiscences Present in Past” Darbar Hall, Cochin.
“ *KLKA’s Inter State Exchange Exhib, New Delhi.
“ *Scrible’s All India Art Exhib, ,Hyderabad.
“ *Scrible’s All IndiaArt Exhib, ,Hyderabad.
2008-*“Reminiscences Present in Past”, C.K.P.Bangalore.
“ *Scrible’s All IndiaArt Exhib,Palette Art Gallery Jodhpur.
2005 *“Infinite Strokes”, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2000-*“Chalukya”, LKA, Regional Centre, Chennai;
1999-*“Their Story”, All India Contemporaries,LKA New Delhi
“ *KLKA’s Inter State xchange Art Exhibition, Jaipur.
1997-*Annual Art Exhibition, Regional LKA, Chennai.
1996- *8th National Exhib, mini of I & B, New delhi.
1994-*“Blue”, Venkatappa Gallery, Bangalore.
“ *4th All India Water Colour Exhib,Gulberga .
“ *16th All India Art Exhib, Bharat Kala Parishad, Hyderabad .
“ *”Varna”,Govt Art Gallery, Dharwad.
“ *“We”, Basava Vana, Bijapur.
1993-*State level Water Colour Exhib, Hubli.
“ *Yuva Chitrakalavidar vedike’s State level Art Exhibition, Bijapur.
1984-* R.C.M.S. Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.


*Swsti Gallery, Bangalore;*Artholic Art Gallery, New Delhi. “ *Vincent Gallery,Bangalore . *Karnataka University Dharwad , *Archeological Museum & Heritage Dept’s
Bangalore ;

About the Artist

Born in 1954, in a artisan vishvakarma family from Bijapur in Karnataka he graduated with Master of Visual Art from Hampi University and heralded a new vision for his art. He took part in many major regional, National Art Camps & workshops all over India. He has secured many Awards and Best Art Teacher is one of them.
Devendra M Badiger is the Artist who forces us to focus on subtile elements, which appear in visible at first glance. But this is where we find rooted the deepest motivations and driving force, which gives every work of art its unique characteristics. For an artist, art is just not a mean of self expression but a way of engaging the viewer in an active dialogue. This dialogue is a cultural terms and is particularly relevant today, when cultural diversities can be achieved only by preservation of cultural identities. In exhibiting his art, he represents his rich culture and great traditional identities. But still in his approach, sensibility and technique, he is unquestionably a contemporary artist, continuously taking the unexplored paths. In his creative expressions he seeks deep meaning & formal innovations. He sharpens our aesthetic sense & strengthens our value systems, individual & social. It links the busy urban cities like Delhi with ancient Karnataka. It is in these connections, that we discover the nuance, invisible at the glance. He provokes us to look at his art again & again, to discover something new each time. He urges us to participate in a multi cultural discourse and to which he contributes a new vision of India in the making.
Padmashri Keshav Malik
Art Critic, New Delhi



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