PARTNERS / Artist / Feng Xinlu

Feng Xinlu



01/01/1977, Chongqing, China


1996 Graduated from the Affiliated High School of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
2000 Graduated from Design Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.


2013 Shanghai Art Fair
2013 Opening exhibition in Reflex Art Space
2013 The 4th New Star Art Festival, Guangzhou
2013 Presidential Palace contemporary art exhibition, Nanjing
2013 Shedding Years, Feng Xinlu's solo exhibition, Shanghai
2012 The 3rd New Star Art Festival, Nanjing
2012 Art Granary contemporary art exhibition, Chengdu


About the Artist

China changed from an agricultural to an industrial country within 30 years. Feng Xinlu grew up during this era of tremendous changes and felt the need to record them in his paintings. Feng Xinlu uses Mark Pen, considered as an informal tool to express his impressions iin his artworks. It creates a mixture of realism, exaggeration and bizarre using black and white strokes.