PARTNERS / Artist / Tian Xutong

Tian Xutong



02/03/1962, Beijing, China


1985 Graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design, major in inkpainting, Beijing
Currently Associate Professor at the School of Arts of Tsinghua University.


1989 Tian Xutong Exhibition, Taiyuan, China
1989 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
1990 Contemporary Installation Art Exhibition, Singapore
1995 4th Asian Art Exhibition, Beijing

1999 China Art Expo, Beijing

2001 Solo exhibition, Singapore

2002 New York Art Expo, USA
2003 Solo exhibition, Singapore
2003 Exhibition featuring works by Chinese largest 9 Arts Institutes
2005 Group exhibition, Singapore

2006 50th Anniversary of Qinghua University's, Beijing
2006 Group exhibition, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing
2007 Solo exhibition, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing
2007 Solo exhibition at HaKaren Art Gallery, Singapore
2008 Art Beijing, Beijing, China
2012 Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


2007 HaKaren Art Gallery, Singapore
2009 Creation Art Gallery, Beijing
2010 Art & Julia's Gallery, Taiwan
2013 In-art space, Beijing

About the Artist

A perspicacious Chinese ink painter whose life and art are one and the same with the philosophy he depicts, Tian Xu Tong's name has become synonymous with Zen for his distinctive black-and-white ink-paintings of sagacious monks meditating on boats on water or on mountain tops insinuated by nuances of lines painted in plain, abstracted space. Pure, natural, elementary and calm, Tian's composed seriocomic allegories take the imagination through boundless space with a leisurely and carefree lightness. Incorporating and expressing both the clarity and power of focus, and infusing his works with the clever delight and simplicity of Zen philosophy on rice paper through ingenious brushwork and dexterity of conceptualisation, Tian's deceptively simple works embrace paradox on several levels and dimensions. Often appearing straightforward and outwardly amusing, one finds great strength and intensity of mind and thought in his spatial projections upon deeper and often recurring reflection. Since the late 1990s, Tian Xu Tong's one-of-a-kind blend of abstract sage, serenity and drollness have brought a world of audiences not merely aesthetic satisfaction, but on a great level, peace and a sense of spiritual fulfilment.