About the Artwork

This series of Liu Na's paintings are beautiful but sad fairy tales, expressing a very personal feeling and picturing her melancholy between reality and illusion. Like classical music these works required a focus on every single note and to be appreciated. Liu Na demonstrates excellent abilities to define the scenery and atmosphere in her paintings. Her calm and balanced character contrasts with the outside hyperactive and commercial world, making her such a unique artist.

About the Artist

As a young artist born in the 1980's, I had the privilege to dabble widely at masterpieces of literature, both Chinese and Western. Reading has allowed me to become well-versed in romantic sentiments in literary works and to acquire an ability to perceive things with unique sensitivity. Hopefully, the realist approach full of truthful emotions will reach most viewers with echoing appreciations.

Neverland-Where to release sadness (4)

by Liu Na

Oil painting on linen canvas
$ 3,470
70 x 70 x 0.1 cm

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